Doing What You Love or Loving What You Do

I’ve been trying to hire a senior field technician for my company for more than six weeks now. The process started in the traditional fashion. We wrote up a job description with minimum skills and education required, then we posted the job opening in several places where job hunters might look. In the middle of this process, I visited the Edward Lowe Foundation with my C3 Forum group. One of the pieces of this particular program involved the hiring process. I realized that I needed to change the way in which I went about hiring if I wanted to be more successful at it.

Now I realize that I’m tuned to ideas that resonate with my existing beliefs, so I understand why my excitement for the new process wasn’t shared by the rest of my team. I appreciate their indulgence while I set out to try to find someone who really wants to work at Port-to-Port Consulting. That’s the essence of successful living to me. You have to enjoy what you do. Nothing else matters. I’ve concluded that there are two ways to come to this. Either you set out to do what you love, or you set out to love what you do. Both are possible. Both requre significant effort, even though the former seems like it ought to be easy.

I’ve found that I fall into the latter camp. I can find enjoyment in just about any task. I just like doing things — the more the better. The next person to work at Port-to-Port will do well if he or she has that approach to life. On the other hand, I know there is a person out there who loves the heady technical work that we do and longs to be doing it in an environment where everyone else appreciates the beauty of that kind of work. This person might do even better as the next member of our team. I hope I can find one of the two.


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