What’s it all about?

A local car dealer recently committed suicide. The conversations I hear about him follow two tracks. First, someone state that they can’t imagine anything that would cause them to commit suicide. Next, someone else starts detailing all of this man’s woes. Inevitably the talk leaves this poor dead man and turns personal. It seems that with examples from one man’s life and a few minutes to think about it and many of us can come up with reasons that would justify us taking our own lives. Maybe that explains the contagion of suicides in communities.

I still don’t buy it myself. I’m not about to kill myself for any reason. It’s my nature to seevthings thru to their natural conclusion. I’d hate to end it early and have to wonder what I missed. I won’t even give up on a bad movie because I keep hoping it will get better!

So I tend to ask these folks who start compiling their lists of acceptable reasons to kill themselves if they consider any of these things to be critical to the big picture — is this what it’s all about? Inevitably they say no, but I’m not so convinced any more. Live your life to its fullest. Enjoy the moment you’re in. The rest will take care of itself, one way or another.


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