Mission is Important

I spent a few more days at the Edward Lowe Foundation last week. It was the third time I’ve been there with my business group, C3 Forum. Each visit helps me get a better understanding of myself, my business, and the reason I go to work every day.

On this visit, the theme was leadership of my organization. We talked about all kinds of things related to organizational success and the impact that the leader can or should have on the culture and motivation. Here’s the whack on the side of my head. The organization’s real mission should be established for internal consumption. It was all I needed to have the epiphany explaining why I keep doing what I do.

The good people who work with me at Port-to-Port are often amazed at how unappreciated we are. Our customers feel no concern about yelling at us for things that are clearly not our fault — and we routinely accept the blame when all involved know that it isn’t ours. We do it in the name of customer service. We do it because it allows us to help. We don’t always like it though.

The reason we keep doing it is because if we didn’t do it, someone who was far less skilled and much less concerned for that person’s success would be there berating him or her about how they would be screwed without the knowledge about to be imparted upon them about technology.

We do it because thru our efforts we can drive the losers out of our business and create more respect for the profession we’ve chosen.


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