Some of the Choices aren’t even Hard

I spent a few hours with Hallie Bryant yesterday. He’s becoming my spiritual sensei. He tells me we are kindred spirits. I find my conversations with him fascinating. Yesterday, as I fumbled to get his old computer working, we talked on a wide variety of subjects. Our discussion kept returning to the theme of choices and consequences. We don’t believe that enough people understand the simple relationship between choices and consequences. At least they don’t act like they do.

It is that understanding that allows one person to do so much better than his counterpart in the same situation. Sure luck helps, but the person who understands that he always has choices, even if the only choice is how he will respond to adversity, will be the more successful person. There’s a saying that “you’re only one thought away from a good feeling.” Choose to have that good feeling. It might make the difference for you. It isn’t really that hard.


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