Giving Thanks is Easy

I started my winter workouts this week. When it’s warm outside, I get quite a bit of exercise running and bike riding. As cold weather sets in, I usually have a period of extreme lethargy running from mid-October until early January. During that time, I eat more, drink more, sleep more, and exercise as little as possible. By January, I’ve gained a dozen pounds and feel like crap. Not this year. I decided, after having a conversation with basketball sensation Hallie Bryant, that I have control over that terrible feeling. I can keep some indoor exercise regimen now and avoid the winter dozen.

Everyone that I interacted with yesterday commented on how good a mood I seemed to be in. I told them it was a choice and I’m going to keep making it for the rest of this year. Besides, what have I got to be unhappy about. I’m healthy. I have a loving and supportive family and network of friends. My business is doing well in these tough economic times. I don’t see why I should scour my existence for something to feel bad about. I choose to be happy. You can too. It really is a choice.

Living in these incredibly prosperous times, it’s easy to give thanks. After that, the good feelings start to flow.


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