Finding Opportunity Wherever You Are

November has been an exciting month for me. At least the last two weeks have been. As I already posted, I won the Fast Company/Brother Best Business Idea competition in Mountain View, California on the 12th. I didn’t write here about the two people who competed against me for the title. You can read about them at the Pertingo® blog. In summary, Michael Stoll and Bailey Finch are two really cool people. Meeting them under what could have been considered unfriendly circumstances and having a great day hanging out with them was an opportunity that could easily have been overlooked by someone hell bent on winning.

I entered the contest in hopes of getting my name listed as an entrant in the pages of Fast Company. When I became a finalist, I really wanted to win the whole thing. After meeting my fellow finalists, I still wanted to win the whole thing but I realized that it might not turn out that way. I decided that I should enjoy the company of these two talented people and let the judges worry about who wins. And they seemed to have come to the same conclusion. We had a good time.

My next opportunity came when I needed to have two early meetings on the same morning then rush to my office for a meeting there. Rather than putting off one meeting, I took advantage of the day to schedule back-to-back meetings at a new restaurant near my office, the Bonjour Cafe. The experience turned out to be wonderful and the Bonjour Cafe will be a regular haunt for me. In addition, both meetings went better than expected.

The second of the breakfast meetings was an introduction to the son of one of my favorite high school teachers. He had some free time and, as it turns out, the skills to work on a project that has been sitting on my back burner for nearly two years. What an opportunity?

On that same morning, as I headed to my office after a quick stop at the bank, I got T-boned as I drove thru an intersection. My car is awaiting the insurance adjuster, but I’ve taken the opportunity to look at new vehicles. No sense being caught unprepared. Here’s a chance to replace my three year old sports car with who knows what. If it turns out they can repair my car, I’ll at least have seen what’s available.


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