You Never Know ‘Til You Try

Ant moving rubber tree plant
Ant moving rubber tree plant

It’s always amazing to me the things that happen when I just put in a little bit of effort. I’m not talking about selecting the winning lottery ticket or figuring out how to feed the world’s starving, but I sometimes wonder what would happen if a few more people put a little bit of effort into some of our big problems.

Here’s my most recent example. I read a lot. I should say I spend a lot of time reading. I read slower than most people. No excuse except for years spent reading technical info that slowed me down. Anyway, as I read periodicals, I tend to tear out pages that have references I hope to return to later. My briefcase is filled with these pages. Eventually, I sit down and sort thru them. Often I find things that are time sensitive and the time to act has passed. I throw them away and move on to the next. Recently, I came across a time sensitive clippping. Just as I was about to toss it I realized that there were still a few minutes left. I stopped sorting thru my bag and sat down at my computer to take action. I entered a national contest sponsored by Fast Company magazine. The question was, “What is the best idea you’ve ever had in your business?”
I pounded out my 500 word or less entry and hit the submit button right before heading home for the day. Two weeks later, I get an email telling me that I am one of three finalists. I’ll be flown to Silicon Valley next month to make a pitch to a panel of judges that includes Chip Heath, co-author of “Made to Stick” and others.
How bizarre! I was a flick of the wrist from entering this contest. Now I’m going to California to participate in this year’s Under the Radar Conference. And I might win!!
I’m going to start cleaning out my bag more often.

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