How Do You Know When It’s Time?

I have a very eclectic life philosophy. It’s a combination of beliefs that shouldn’t fit together very well but they work out for me. Among those is the concept that everything happens for a reason and if we listen closely and pay attention, the cosmos (for lack of a better word) will tell us what we’re supposed to do. Sometimes those messages are unclear. These are the times that define us. These are the times when we really do face a fork in the road.

At other times it may seem as if we have to make a choice, but in reality, the choice is made for us. Outside forces intervene to eliminate one of the paths on your road and boot you down the other one. We often look back on these as critical junctures, which they are, but we usually re-imagine the situation so that we were more active in the decision than we really were. The sad part of this tendency to re-imagine is that it dilutes those moments that truly are defining.

At the same time, our memory of events also tends to downplay those fork-in-the-road choices. We start to view everything as if it was predetermined. I don’t believe that. I think we each have times when we must decide. The trick is to know when it’s time. If we wait, the decision will be made for us and we’ll be forced to re-imagine it differently. And the truth is that most of the time we can just wait. That why there is a trick.


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