Readings that led to Ruminations

I have been reading a lot lately. Our Indianapolis Marion County Public Library has a wonderful online system that lets me reserve a book then pick it up near the front desk of my favorite branch. The reservation system is first-come, first-served, so I tend to have lots of books on reserve but they space out because of my position in the queues. Fate intervened to bring many books available at the same time. Since they are all books that have waiting lists, I can’t renew them. I have 3 weeks to get them read. Usually that’s not a problem. When several come available at the same time, it’s a problem.

So, I’ve been reading a lot lately. The interesting thing is that these books have conspired to make me change (or remember) some of my beliefs about work and life. I wrote about Sway and what the brothers Brafman have to say about the irrational beings we humans are. I followed it with a reading of The Starfish and the Spider. This book brought back my beliefs (hypotheses) about work and how it should be organized. That led me to Work Sucks, where Ressler and Thompson discuss a radical new way of organizing a company. Then I moved to Spark, where Ratey provides support for my theory that exercise does more for you mentally than just clearing your head.

Put it all together and I’ve started working out more purposefully, and earlier in the day. I re-organized my company by dis-organizing it. I sleep better at night. And I’ve got another pile of books that have serendipitously become available all at once at the library. It may be a while before I post again. Start reading with me:


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