Who is Reading?

I read an article in Fortune Small Business the other day in which the author cites a statistic that 60 percent of Americans are putting content on the web. If that’s true, then who’s reading it? Anybody?  Sometimes I wonder. I’ve lately been writing a lot of material to post online or publish in my company newsletter. I look at the statistics and see that there are a few people checking in on me, but I don’t know  if anyone is actually reading what I write.

Then again, I’m not sure that it matters to many of us. Maybe that’s why 60% of us are putting our thoughts online. It’s out there and it will either live or die on its own. It’s an interesting thought. Does it matter to you if anyone reads what you post online? I started out just seeing what it would be like to purge the junk that is bouncing around in my head by placing it in one place. This isn’t the material of my personal journal. It’s just the kind of stuff that might make for an interesting conversation if you got the right people at the right time.

As I’ve continued to write, I have started to long for input from others who might wander onto this blog when they are supposed to be doing something else. I don’t get many comments. Yet I still keep writing, as do that 60% of us who are doing it.


One thought on “Who is Reading?

  1. I think your reader base has a lot to do about how you network online. For example, i am writing an online novel about Harlem. I contact other people who have blogs on Harlem, start talking with them, and then they put my page on theirs and I do the same.

    Also, I reach out to places like Iowa and Montana and just drop by people’s blogs and tell them what I’m doing. People seem interested. I have a few regular readers, and am getting more by the day.

    Just like in real life, the more you network, the more you will get readership.

    Drop by and see.


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