Some Friends are Forever

  Port-to-Port Consulting is in one of its busiest summers ever. We have five schools that each have significant summer refresh work to get done, in addition to our normal routine. It’s not exactly the best time to take off for personal stuff. That made it strange for many on my staff when I announced that I was leaving to go to Cincinnati to give my condolences to a woman I never met because her husband, whom I had barely seen in the past two decades, had died suddenly.

  Before I left home I joked to my wife that this could be my “Big Chill” weekend. In a way it might have been. I didn’t get to spend a weekend with my old college buddies, but I got to spend several hours with a lot of them. I also got to spend a couple of hours alone going there and a couple more returning home. I found myself wondering why I don’t put more effort into seeing old friends. Why did it take an unexpected death for us to all come together? Then I decided that it is just a matter of choices and I am going to start making different ones.

  I started Port-to-Port Consulting with my good friend Bob Beaty. Bob left in 1996 and anyone who looked at it from the outside would say that we aren’t friends any more. I beg to differ. Bob could call me right now and tell me that he needs my help and I would give it without regret. I don’t know if the same is true or not, and it doesn’t matter. Bob is a part of who I am. I wish we could have made this run together. Sometimes I wish we had closed our doors instead of pressing on without him. There’s a section in Tuesdays with Morriewhere Morrie talks about regrets. His biggest regret was never reconciling with an old friend for what felt like a slight. I don’t want that regret.


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