Data is Good

Xobni ButtonBack in February, I asked people to click on a link to xobni so I could get into their beta program. I got the requisite number of links and downloaded the software. Four months later, I got around to installing it. This software is incredible. If you’re drowning in emails (and using Microsoft Outlook), you should rush over to the xobni site and download the software.

Xobni (that’s inbox spelled backwards) analyzes your emails and produces interesting reports about the people with whom you communicate. Right off the bat it will tell you the people you most often exchange messages with. In fact, it ranks them all the way from first to last. It also tells you to which people you respond fastest. I was surprised that my wife wasn’t number one.

The data goes on and on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make suggestions about how to be more effective at managing your email, but the data should lead you in that direction. It has for me already, and I’ve only been running it for a few days.


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