Just Get Started

Do it because you have toA few years ago, our veterinarian told me that Gracie needed to lose a few pounds. Well Gracie was a rescue society dog and she had been thru some hard times before she came to live with us. As a result, we had indulged her. She was tipping the scales right at 100 pounds and the vet wanted her under 80. As it turns out, I was at my highest weight ever too — nearly double what Gracie weighed.

So we started a morning walk program. Over the course of several months, Gracie and I each shed 20 pounds. I must admit hers melted away much faster than mine, but we got there. Then I started running again. I had forgotten how good it felt to go into that zone where the world goes away. It took no time for me to get hooked again. One thing led to another and before you know it I’m coaching a Cross Country team. Running with the team got me into my best shape in years.

I bought a bicycle and started riding it. I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed the experience of pedaling down a back country road on a beautiful sunny day. One day I came across a notice that the 40th annual Hilly Hundred Bike Ride was coming. Amazing! I had ridden most of the first ten Hilly Hundreds. In fact, the tenth was the last one I had ridden… until the 40th.

What’s my point? Based on Gracie’s need to lose weight, I started a mild exercise program. My success at that led to a more strenuous workout program, which led to an even more strenuous workout program. Along the way I took a few people (and animals) with me. We all got into better shape by just getting started. Gracie and I still walk. In fact, several of the people in my office walk with us now. I still run a bit, and I crave my next bike ride like a crack head. I’m 40 pounds lighter than when Gracie and I first started walking.


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