Other Ways to Advertise

One of my responsibilities at Port-to-Port Consulting is to develop and implement our marketing plans. Over the years I’ve tried just about everything that would be considered conventional. TV being the major exception (even though it’s been pitched to me more than once). I’ve also tried many non-conventional ideas, with nothing more than marginal success.

Lately I’ve been working with some of my customers as they dive into online marketing and Web 2.0. It has been fun. I’ve learned a lot more about using the Internet for marketing. I’ve quickly come to realize that it can only be used successfully if we realize that it is just another medium to be considered for delivering your message. The basics of marketing still apply. However, the Internet does offer the small business person’s dream. We can do things on the Internet without having to spend a fortune. We can tweak it frequently. We can also track the results better than any other form of marketing.

So I’m looking for a good way to get my message out to the people whose organizations can benefit from the Pertingo® Computer Support Services provided by my company. I’m considering contests, giveaways, discounts, and possibly freebies. Any ideas?


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