Our Time Has Come

Benjamin Nugent recently released a new book titled American Nerd: The Story of My People. In which he claims that being a nerd has finally become cool. How exciting it is for me to know that my tribe is coming to dominance. Not that the rulers of the nerd tribe claim me. I wouldn’t have gotten a screen test for Revenge of the Nerds, but I have accepted that there is some nerd in all of us. I have embraced my nerdliness and am happy to know that is has become de rigueur to be a nerd.

You laugh at me, but wait, you’ll find yourself, or even worse, one of your kids doing something that is quintessential nerdly some time in the next couple of weeks and you’ll think of me and Benjamin. Did you watch Napoleon Dynamite? Did you laugh? How about Superbad? Nugent cites these examples as well as The Big Bang Theory and Chuck on TV. I would add the three goofballs in Reaper as well. However, the ultimate proof that the nerd’s time has come is when you hear superstar athletes like Peyton Manning talking about the hours he spends playing Madden football.

Since being a nerd is the new cool, you should get with the program. Go ahead, embrace those nerdly yearnings you’ve been suppressing since junior high school when you watched the nerdliest kid get a wedgy followed by a swirly in the bathroom. It’s OK now! You should stop short of wearing BCG glasses or a pocket protector, but everything else seems to be fair play.

Join our tribe. Be a happy, well-adjusted nerd.


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