Dealing with Loss

For the past two years, I’ve carried around a USB flash drive with my working files on it. Before that I carried a Zip disk. Before that a CD, and before that floppies. I’ve tried using online storage, remote control, VPN, and using a laptop everywhere. None of those worked as well for me as having my stuff right with me wherever I go. It seems every couple of years, the portable storage technology gets a bit easier to use. It also gets a lot easier to carry around. My current flash drive is 1 Gb. I also have a 2 Gb one and a 4 Gb one. I can’t seem to fill the 1 Gb with the files that I need to carry around, but I’m eyeballing the 8 Gb drives. What? I need a reason to buy the biggest thing available!

Yesterday, my shorts went thru the laundry with my flash drive in the pocket. I had prepared for such an event by purchasing a drive that seals closed to be waterproof. Unfortunately it wasn’t dryer proof. My wife kept saying to me, “Something in the dryer is making a funny noise.” I couldn’t decipher whether that was her way of telling me to go check the dryer or her way of telling me a new dryer is getting delivered tomorrow. It turns out she was telling me to check the dryer, which I didn’t.

You know how when you have a backup plan that doesn’t involve backing up everyday, you always suffer a loss on the day after you’ve done a  tremendous amount of work? That’s where I found myself this morning when, after searching everywhere for my flash drive, it dawned on me that the last place I remembered having it was when I put it in my pocket. Those shorts weren’t on the bed any more. They were in … the dryer.

I think I’m going to check out online storage again.


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