It’s Just Where You Put the Zeroes

For several years, I’ve been a part of a group of business owners who meet regularly to discuss our business, personal, and family issues. We started as a forum group of Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization and later went renegade as a non-affiliated group. This weekend, we’re in New York city with a couple of other groups. We came to meet with the principals of SAC Private Capital Group, a private equity group that has done billions of dollars worth of transactions in their careers.

These three gentlemen were surprisingly normal for guys who think in billions of dollars. Our interaction with them made all of us feel that it’s nice to know that good guys don’t have to finish last. Jeff, Peter, and Frank are all very good guys. They took time out of their day to talk with a bunch of small business owners who aren’t likely to ever provide an opportunity for them. They spoke frankly and honestly about the way they go about doing business and they didn’t pretend to be smarter or more clever than the rest of us.

One of the biggest questions on my mind was how anything that these guys do in their daily activities relates to the things that I do daily. What I found was that they are doing the same things every day that I do. The only difference is where you put the decimal point in your numbers. As simple as that sounds, it was revelational to me. I’m not afraid to grow my business now that I know the decisions I’ll end up making aren’t significantly different than the ones I make now as long as I can get used to the numbers being bigger. Some times I need to hear it from somewhere outside my circle to get it.


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