Attitude Change

This is the end of Sylvester’s second week working at Port-to-Port Consulting. We hired him because it was clear to Rob and me that our progress as a computer support company in Indianapolis was going to hinge on getting someone who is truly good at managing people. We had tried this a couple of times in the past with poor results, so we were apprehensive about this attempt. This could be Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Well, the atmosphere in the office changed noticeably after just a couple of days. Sylvester takes the time to work with everyone and help them get better. Everyone suddenly became more professional about their jobs. I feel more confident in my staff and in our ability to provide the top quality customer service that I believe should be our competitive edge in the marketplace. Given enough time, anyone will figure out how to make your network run (or convince you that you don’t want it to work that way). The challenge is to get the network to help you do your job without having to make you sweat.


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