Managing the Inbox

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

I get more email than I can possibly manage each day. I’ve used several different spam filters and they all leave me searching thru the mountains of body part enlarging, debt relieving, hot girlfriend finding crap to find the few that come from people who somehow got caught for reasons I often cannot discern. In fact, one of the recent updates to the Microsof Outlook junkmail filter captures everything from Port-to-Port Consulting as junk. I’m guessing it’s because of the hyphens in our domain name. Who knows?

On top of the spam deluge, I get more than 100 real emails each day – not counting the junk from my sister-in-law that tells me something terrible will happen if I don’t forward it on to 10 more poor slobs who are too busy to be bothered with that drivel. All of that means I am an easy sucker for a new way to manage email. We’ve played with a lot of tools for managing, archiving, and searching the good email that piles up faster than unread issues of the Indianapolis Star. Now, I find out there is a new one and I can’t get it to play with unless I can get a couple of other people to want it.

For the love of mankind, click on the link above and sign up. I don’t care if you use the tool or not. Xobni (it’s Inbox spelled backwards) looks like it can help me. It might just crash Outlook, but I’ve lived thru that before. What do you say? Can you help me out?

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