Motivators and Drivers

I just finished Tony Dungy’s book, Quiet Strength. I came away with a completely new perspective and opinion of the man. He’s definitely on my list of people who would make great dinner companions. The book made me laugh out loud at several points. It made me tear up at many others. Overall, the book showed me how this man has built a very successful career and life based on his faith in God. I certainly don’t have that kind of faith, but I admire his faith, and his ability to maintain it in good times and in bad.

So I started thinking about what motivates me in the way that Dungy’s faith motivates him. I immediately recalled a conversation I had some time ago with my good friend Thom Horn. He said to me that other people don’t think about life the way I do. He told me that while it’s natural for me to think and talk about long range plans, most people don’t ever do that. I realized why I was so impressed with Tony Dungy.

It’s the clarity of focus that I admire most in Tony Dungy. He never loses sight of his faith and uses it to make decisions. Thom was right. I do have clear long term goals. He was also right that I just assumed everyone worked the same way. I couldn’t imagine any other way of going thru life. Dungy’s book helped me to understand that. In the same way that he can’t imagine not having God in his life, I can’t imagine wandering aimlessly thru mine.

I have to have goals. I need something way out on the horizon to keep me motivated. I don’t know how else to operate. I see how Dungy’s faith provides that long range goal for him. My drivers can’t be codified as easily, but they perform a similar function for me. I can’t imagine having nothing to provide that drive in my life.


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