Random Rants

I’ve watched a lot of movies in the past few days. I’m a sucker for that shelf (or bin) full of DVDs priced at five bucks or less. It just seems that there must be something in there that will provide enough entertainment for me to part with five bucks. My most recent encounter with the five buck shelf yielded Tin Men, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Miss Congeniality, Tin Cup, A Few Good Men, and Rudy. In addition, my eldest son presented me with a Magnolia film titled Severance. On top of that I saw I Am Legend and Juno in theaters. Now this is a rare thing for me — watching so many movies in such a short time. It’s usually a sign that I’m depressed about something. Perhaps I am, but I sure don’t feel like it.

I think the escapes are helping my brain assimilate so many recent pieces of information that don’t, on the surface, seem related but, in a nagging way, seem like they must be. I’ve read (or listened to) several books on different subjects and there seems to be a common thread, but I can’t quite grasp it. The movies may have helped. Exercise is the next approach for me to try to make sense of it all.


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