Gut Feelings

I spent the day cleaning my desk here at home. It was reading The 7 Levels of Change by Rolf Smith that made me even decide to tackle what I’m sure my wife figures to be a long overdue task. In the book, Smith describes the office of a Level 6 person. It sounded as if he were standing in my office as he made the description. At that moment, I put the book down and started cleaning. It was already overdue at the library anyway.

As I went about clearing piles, I came across a recent article by Rob Walker from Fast Company magazine. His column, called Murketing, was discussing our love of the guy who makes incredible gut decisions that defy the odds and ends up winning. This article was enough to take me out of my Level 6 reverie and send me off on the kind of tangent that Smith would describe as typical of a Level 6 person. (I hate it when I stand as a good example of someone else’s categorization of the world.) The tangent led me to think about (and dig thru old notes about) making decisions. I trained as an engineer. I have a minor in probability and statistics. I finished my MBA by figuring out how to map any major business decision along two coordinates. Yet all my notes about decision making had to do with the power of going with the gut. It’s the way I tend to make decisions. I’ve found as I study human psychology and behavior, it’s the way we all make decisions, even the most rational and anal retentive of us.


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