Human Contact

I grew up in a family that wasn’t very expressive of their positive feelings. We knew we were loved, but not because anyone ever told us that. We knew it the way big dogs know that it’s about to rain. It just couldn’t be any other way.

Somehow I came out of that upbringing as a really touchy feely kind of person. I love to hug people! Over the years I’ve found that hugging isn’t considered normal in most business settings so I tried to tone it down. A few months ago I read Tim Sanders’ “Love is the Killer App” and discovered that it is OK to hug in most business settings. I just have to ease other people into it. I’ve been hugging more ever since. Sanders gave me the tiny excuse I needed to increase my human contact. The change in my temperament has been noticeable. I’m less stressed and happier.

You should try it for 30 days. See if you can hug 12 people each day. Start with opposite sex hugs but work your way toward an even split between men and women. Those man hugs where you keep you locked handshake between the two of you count, as do the back-pattings to avoid real contact. Watch what happens to you and the people around you.


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