I just finished John Maxwell’s book, “Talent is Never Enough.” The title explains his premise pretty well. He describes the concept of a Talent Plus person, and proceeds to list the pluses. One of them is character. Maxwell talks about how character is required to be a successful person. His reference to character is one of several that have caught my attention in recent days. I suppose we’ll see many more references as the Presidential election cycle gets into full swing.

I’m bothered by all these references to character. In Maxwell’s case, he really does mean character as I would define it: that combination of attributes that determines one’s moral and ethical compass. It’s what makes us do the right thing even when we could get away with something less. Most references are actually cloaked attacks on someone’s character, or lack thereof. I found Maxwell’s use more interesting in his connection of character to talent to create success. I’ve always believed that talent is not enough to succeed, and I’ve always believed that character is important. I never put the two together before. Talent and character help define the people that I look to as role models.

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